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Did you know that a staggering 2 billion people visit museums globally every year? This highlights the immense potential for brands to connect with audiences and increase sales through collaborations with museums.

The following creative concepts, designed by ARTiSTORY's curatorial and creative team, illustrate how captivating merchandise can be developed by masterfully tapping into the wealth of hundreds of millions of treasures from our museum partners. These concepts are meant for illustration purpose only.

While these examples illustrate the possibilities, we invite you to explore our portfolio of successful IP collaborations, where we have assisted consumer brands and retailers in transforming artifacts into remarkable merchandise offerings that resonate with their target audiences. Click here to find out more about our past projects.
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Puzzles Inspired by "The Birds of America," a book by naturalist and painter John James Audubon

Echoes from Nature: Puzzles of Audubon's Extinct Birds is a captivating journey through time. This exquisite set features the artwork of renowned naturalist John James Audubon, showcasing the beauty of extinct bird species. Each puzzle comes with a leaflet filled with interesting facts of the birds featured in this collection, such as Carolina Parakeet and Passenger Pigeon, thanks to the wonderful collection at the The British Library.

As you piece together these puzzles, you'll uncover fascinating stories about these forgotten avian wonders and be reminded of the value of wildlife conservation. Perfect for nature enthusiasts, history buffs, and puzzle lovers alike. Considering that museums worldwide attract a staggering 2 billion visits annually, there's a vast and untapped audience waiting to engage with innovative products like these.

Puzzle Inspired by “The Prologue and the Promise” from NASA's Commissioned Artist Robert McCall

This puzzle is inspired by "Ascension," an artwork by NASA's commissioned artist, Robert McCall. In this piece, McCall illustrates humanity's journey into space, with an astronaut floating above Earth's surface. As you piece together "Ascension," you'll unravel the beauty and significance of human exploration beyond our home planet. McCall's artwork is a reminder of our capacity for discovery and innovation as we reach for the stars.

Irregular Shaped Puzzle Set Inspired “First Men on the Moon” from NASA's Commissioned Artist Robert McCall

Breaking down the Robert McCall painting into separate parts with individual packaging, the puzzle game encourage us reveal clues step by step until the complete picture emerges.

As NASA’s commissioned artist, Robert McCall left an indelible mark on the realm of illustration. “First Men on the Moon” is a vast oil painting, 7 feet by 9 feet capturing the historical moment when Apollo 11 landed on the lunar surface.

Puzzles Inspired by Macdonald Gill's Arctic and Antarctic Paintings from the Polar Museum

Paying homage to the intrepid Arctic explorers of yore, our specially curated puzzle collection not only honors their courageous journeys but also guarantees unparalleled quality and enjoyment.

This unique jigsaw puzzle collection features two puzzles in one box, each inspired by the 1934 memorial ceiling painting at the Polar Museum, Cambridge.

The two paintings are the creation of English artist Macdonald Gill, who depicted the renowned expeditions and explorers of the polar regions in the early 20th century.

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