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Themes Using Our IP Art Licensing Portfolio

Gathering of the Greats

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Masterpieces are displayed across the globe throughout museums and galleries. Though do we know the artists behind the canvas? When studying paintings, sculpture, illustrations and visual art, we look back across art movements to discover the greatest artists to have existed.

Mythical Wonderland

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Nations unite, crowds cheer, a competitive streak runs through us, to accept who we are, what we can achieve. Since Ancient times, physical strength and emotional senses have empowered us all. If you’re not standing for something, what or who could you fall for?

Around the World

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From Paris to Venice, Shanghai to New York, concrete jungles entice us, yet the sea, beaches, deserts and hill call us to explore outside, away from our home comforts. The Hustle and Bustle of a modern city, who’s heart beats at each footstep cannot compare to the far-off lands over the horizon. Drawing us in, to explore the world, grab your tickets, we are ready to discover a new land.

Botanical Affairs

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From foreign tropical scenery to their own gardens, artists' obsessions with flowers and trees are everlasting, leaving countless paintings of their beloved plants. Throughout the years, the fragrance of flowers and fruits have been preserved on the canvas. The elegance stays still, whispering beautiful love stories.

In this theme, we will listen to the words of the flowers and trees. In the parterre or forest, from spring to winter, we will trace the footprints of the lovers, to the place where the flowers are in full bloom.

She Created

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From ancient times to nowadays, women have always been active in various fields, fashion, science, politics and so on. And the artistic expression of women, and by women, is so important and prominent in history, to which we are obliged to extend our love and pay our tribute.

Marvellous Menagerie

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As residents of the planet, animals, wild and domestic, are our best friends throughout history. Our stories are intertwined with theirs and the images of animals are everywhere, as metaphors, symbols or decorative ornaments.

In the contemporary world, when environmental topics are brought to the fore, we care more and more about these friends who have been with us for countless generations. In this theme, we will look at animals in pervious artworks, representing our passion for animals as always.

Glitz and Glam

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Throughout generations, glamour and glitz have left behind countless love affairs as well as fashion and art. Kings and queens may have ruled, but their outstanding collection of crafts preserves the great taste of an era.  

From splendid headdresses made by Chinese court artists to the flappers and feathers of the 1920s, these beautiful crowns and jewels are roaring back to life and ready to embrace the dazzling 2020’s! Parties never end.

Dunhuang Ode To Glamour

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The beauty of Dunhuang also belongs to the world. “Dunhuang Inspiration” owns rich art and cultural resources and local tourist sites. With the help of our international creative team, we release six annual themes to showcase the culture of Dunhuang.

Tracing back to the beginning of this imaginative, innovative trade route, we bring you these historic treasures that have travelled across time and space, to these mysterious lands.

Modern Mix Up

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Artists of the 20th century gradually disregarded the doctrine of traditional art and show their attitudes from form to content. These pioneers inspire and encourage us to be ourselves and to shine our own lights.

The year 2024 marks the 80th anniversary of the deaths of Mondrian and Kandinsky. We present some of their best works in museum collections and celebrate their devotion to art.

Let's play

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The universal act of playtime appeals to all, both children and adults alike. Psychologists confirm that play is a fundamental stage in human development, yet playtime is a luxury.

In the past, there was little time for education or play. Over time, children became a cherished part of the family to be nurtured and protected.

“Let’s Play” explores our best moments in developmental activities, ranging from flying kites in ancient China, Lewis Chessmen during the Viking era to circus fanfare in 19th century Europe. Experience the joys and laughter of by-gone eras today.

As one of the best international art licensing companies, we have the privilege of accessing the world’s most timeless art. We bring new life to ancient artefacts transforming them into modern, trend-aligned designs that resonate with today's consumer.

Drawing from their rich narratives, we work with brands, manufacturers and retailers to develop innovative products and provide them with multifaceted marketing content inspiration.

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