As you piece together these puzzles, you'll uncover fascinating stories about these forgotten avian wonders and be reminded of the value of wildlife conservation. Perfect for nature enthusiasts, history buffs, and puzzle lovers alike. Considering that museums worldwide attract a staggering 2 billion visits annually, there's a vast and untapped audience waiting to engage with innovative products like these.

Echoes from Nature: Puzzles of Audubon's Extinct Birds

Echoes from Nature: Puzzles of Audubon's Extinct Birds is a captivating journey through time. This exquisite set features the artwork of renowned naturalist John James Audubon, showcasing the beauty of extinct bird species. Each puzzle comes with a leaflet filled with interesting facts of the birds featured in this collection, such as Carolina Parakeet and Passenger Pigeon, thanks to the wonderful collection at the The British Library.

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