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Did you know that a staggering 2 billion people visit museums globally every year? This highlights the immense potential for brands to connect with audiences and increase sales through collaborations with museums.

The following creative concepts, designed by ARTiSTORY's curatorial and creative team, illustrate how captivating merchandise can be developed by masterfully tapping into the wealth of hundreds of millions of treasures from our museum partners. These concepts are meant for illustration purpose only.

While these examples illustrate the possibilities, we invite you to explore our portfolio of successful IP collaborations, where we have assisted consumer brands and retailers in transforming artifacts into remarkable merchandise offerings that resonate with their target audiences. Click here to find out more about our past projects.
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Socks Inspired by NASA's Artemis program

As NASA celebrates its 65th anniversary in 2023, the agency unveils its ambitious lunar exploration plans for 2025 and beyond. Artemis II will mark the inaugural human mission to orbit the Moon, ushering in a wave of exciting lunar activities in the years ahead. NASA’s budget for their Artemis program is approaching $100 billion!

ARTiSTORY merges retro arcade vibes with NASA's moon landing missions to craft futuristic designs that resonate with the modern era. Signaling a bold new era, the vibrant orange hues featured in this collection draw inspiration from NASA's groundbreaking Artemis program.

Socks Inspired by Macdonald Gill's Arctic and Antarctic Paintings from Cambridge's Polar Museum

Paying tribute to past Arctic explorers, this specially curated collection of socks not only celebrates their daring expeditions but also ensures unmatched comfort and warmth. Packaged with a beautiful map of the North Pole, reminiscent of timeless exploration and the spirit of adventure, each pair embodies the courage and resilience of those who braved the frozen frontiers.

The memorial paintings were created by Macdonald Gill in 1934 to commemorate famous expeditions and explorers of the Arctic. 

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In response to the growing need for successful shopper acquisition, consumer brands and retailers are actively harnessing the power of art and cultural intellectual property for innovative solutions.
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