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Fragrances and Perfume

Did you know that a staggering 2 billion people visit museums globally every year? This highlights the immense potential for brands to connect with audiences and increase sales through collaborations with museums.

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Fragrances and Perfume

The following creative concepts, designed by ARTiSTORY's curatorial and creative team, illustrate how captivating merchandise can be developed by masterfully tapping into the wealth of hundreds of millions of treasures from our museum partners. These concepts are meant for illustration purpose only.

While these examples illustrate the possibilities, we invite you to explore our portfolio of successful IP collaborations, where we have assisted consumer brands and retailers in transforming artifacts into remarkable merchandise offerings that resonate with their target audiences. Click here to find out more about our past projects.

Perfume and Fragrances Inspired by Shakespeare's Garden: The Bard's Bouquet - The British Library | ARTiSTORY

In this creative concept, ARTiSTORY took inspiration from the British Library's collections including Shakespeare's plays like Hamlet and A Midsummer Night's Dream, featuring exquisite illustrations by Walter Crane. The "Shakespeare's Garden Perfume Collection" includes perfumes such as "Four Red Roses on a Stalk" and "Enter Ophelia," which capture the essence of Shakespeare's floral imagery. With 40 enchanting illustrations of Shakespeare's best-known quotes on plants and flowers, brands can reflect on the era's love for floral scents and Shakespeare's botanical passion, which can help enrich buyers' appreciation of Shakespeare's literary and botanical artistry.

Perfume and Fragrances Inspired by Shakespeare, Ophelia - The British Library | ARTiSTORY

The "Love Potions" Perfume Collection is a creative concept inspired by the British Library's collections that include Shakespeare's use of flowers and plants as powerful metaphors in his works. This concept, featuring manuscripts and botanical illustrations, highlights Shakespeare's passion for plants and their symbolic roles in storytelling. The fragrance "Ophelia" captures the duality of love and tragedy, with daisies symbolizing Ophelia's untouched and tender spirit. These flowers reflect her gentle nature and tragic fate, embodying the purity and innocence of love.

Perfume and Fragrances Inspired by the Last Sandalwood Tree from Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History | ARTiSTORY

The "Last Chile Sandalwood" Perfume, a concept from ARTiSTORY inspired by Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History, resurrects the long-lost scent of the extinct Chile sandalwood (Santalum fernandezianum). This fragrance is inspired by a 1908 note from botanist C. Scottsberg, marking the final record of the species, which was heavily exploited for its aromatic wood. Through meticulous cataloging and digitization, specialists have preserved these remnants, enabling researchers and artists to recreate the scents of extinct plants. This perfume concept offers a sensory journey into the past, allowing brands and consumers to experience the unique aroma of Chile sandalwood, a species lost over a century ago.

Perfume Inspired by Cambridge University's Botanic Gardens | ARTiSTORY

Cambridge University Botanic Gardens showcase diverse plant collections, offering a serene environment for education and research. It features seasonal displays, historical botanical illustrations, and immersive sensory experiences for all visitors.

Inspired by one of these gardens, ARTiSTORY's creative concept of the "Winter Garden" Fragrance Collection celebrates winter's botanical beauty through three unique scents: honeyed Snowdrop, fresh Pinus mugo, and spicy Wintersweet. Curated over 45 years, the garden invites visitors to experience the enchanting aromas of winter from December to April. The perfume packaging features artistic renditions of winter botanicals, including historical illustrations from the Fitzwilliam Museum. This collection highlights nature's resilience and aromatic splendor during the harshest season, offering a unique, immersive experience for fragrance enthusiasts and nature lovers.

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