Between sunset and sunrise, within just 12 hours, the "Queen of the Night" (commonly known as Moonflower) reveals its beauty and withers away, leaving behind a strong, sweet scent and a sense of surprise, captivating all who bear witness.

As the first moonflower to bloom in the UK, it aids curators and scholars at Cambridge in understanding and safeguarding the diversity of our environment.

The Moonflower (Strophocactus wittii) is a rare cactus flower from the tropical rainforests of Brazil. First found in the 20th century, Strophocactus wittii is rarely represented in cultivation, and has only been introduced into European botanic gardens a handful of times.

The Ephemeral Beauty of the “Queen of the Night”

"Queen of the Night" Elegance is a fashion collection inspired by the rare Moonflower (Strophocactus wittii), also known as the "Queen of the Night." This unique cactus flower blooms only once between sunset and sunrise, revealing its beauty and sweet scent before withering away within 12 hours.

The inspired collection features designs that capture this fleeting elegance, with floral motifs and delicate details. The Moonflower, found in the tropical rainforests of Brazil, is extremely rare in cultivation. The only specimen in the UK is at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden, helping curators and scholars protect and study our environment's diversity.

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