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Mythical Wonderland

Nations unite, crowds cheer, a competitive streak runs through us, to accept who we are, what we can achieve. Since Ancient times, physical strength and emotional senses have empowered us all. If you’re not standing for something, what or who could you fall for?

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To Love and to Hold

The Stories of Love, heartache, honour and passion begins in many ways, with the Ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite – also known as Venus by theRomans. Her powers lay in love and desire yet with a weakness for vanity and jealousy, her personality resonates with many still today. We desire adventure and appreciation, with freedom to love whoever we so choose, and we shall be loved in return.

The Triumph of Heroes

Sports women and men have aspired for Olympic glory since the Iliad and Odyssey. In ancient Greece, heroes were champions for their strength, prowess and holistic masculinity and powerful femininity. As with Hercules, Achilles and Antigone dreaming of crowds cheering, today we will celebrate our global athletes with pride and admiration.

Everything Has Beauty

Aphrodite calls on people to find more possibilities of beauty. True beauty is invisible to the eye, but to the heart we feel it deeply, emotionally. Apollo tells the story of a love that cannot be sought and expresses the process from pain to rebirth.

The Legend of Silk Road

After thousands of years, the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang still displays its ancient and mysterious beauty. Follow the team at ARTiSTORY on a new journey of awe and wonder, exploring the story of ancient gods and goddesses. This journey will have their blessings for adventure and discovery.