Stuart Davis

“For a number of years jazz had a tremendous influence on mythoughts about art and life.”

Stuart Davis (1892-1964) is an American abstract artist, left an indelible mark on 20th-century art. His idiosyncratic Cubist paintings of urban landscapes foreshadowed the use of jazz music, commercial art and advertising by Pop artists in the 1960s.

His experimentation with collage led to a completely nonillusionistic style, culminating in his iconic abstract series. His legacy extends beyond the canvas, influencing fashion and design. Stuart Davis remains a vibrant force in modern artistic expression.

Drawing inspiration from Stuart Davis, who was well known for his jazz-influenced, proto-pop art paintings using bold and colorful brushes, American street fashion brand Diamond Supply Co. did a capsule collection featuring some of Davis’s signature works.

AIS - Stuart Davis Diamond Supply | ARTiSTORY

In our efforts to bring art's boldness and rhythm to fashion and other industries, ARTiSTORY brings you a way to license Stuart Davis' artworks for your products. Collaborate with us and bring the appeal of modern urban life to your customers.

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