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Piet Mondrian's Iconic Works Inspires ROBBi DREAM CITY Collection (Limited Edition)
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Piet Mondrian's Iconic Works Inspires ROBBi DREAM CITY Collection (Limited Edition)
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ROBBi × Piet Mondrian Dream City: Art-Inspired Designer Toys for Collectors

ARTiSTORY, in collaboration with designer toy brand ROBBi and the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum, has brought to life the iconic art of Piet Mondrian in the form of collectible designer toys.

The "ROBBi DREAM CITY" collection exemplifies ARTiSTORY's mission to make art accessible, engaging, and fun. By partnering with innovative brands like ROBBi, ARTiSTORY brings cultural IP to life, creating unique products that inspire creativity, promote imagination, and introduce a new generation to the wonders of art history.

Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum

This project not only showcases the power of art collaborations in various industries but also demonstrates the potential for cultural institutions like the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum to reach new audiences through unconventional partnerships. The collection is a testament to the influence of Piet Mondrian's work and its ability to inspire and captivate viewers across generations and cultures.


Modernism in Colors

The ROBBi DREAM CITY collection is a visionary fusion of modern art and contemporary toy design that reimagines Mondrian's famous "Composition in Colours / Composition No. I with Red and Blue" painting in a new, playful medium.

This artwork is a perfect example of his iconic abstract style. Bold black lines intersect his canvas divided into geometric shapes filled with primary colors, primarily red and blue. This masterpiece, created in 1930, embodies Mondrian's pursuit of purity and harmony through abstraction.

Like in the original artwork, the designer toy collection showcases carefully balanced composition that captures the essence of modernism. With its clean lines and vibrant hues, the collection shows how the artwork remains a timeless symbol of avant-garde innovation and artistic vision.

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