Gnoce Releases Collection Inspired by Splendor Solis in Collaboration with the British Library
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Splendor Solis-Inspired Jewelry - Gnoce × The British Library
April 2024

Collaborating with ARTiSTORY, jewelry brand Gnoce has partnered with the esteemed British Library to bring the world of alchemy to life through a stunning collection of jewelry pieces. Inspired by the 16th-century illustrated manuscript "Splendor Solis," this collection invites consumers to understand self-discovery and balance, exploring the rich symbolism and philosophy underlying alchemical traditions.

Known for its exquisite pieces that blend innovative design with timeless elegance, Gnoce creates jewelry that inspire happiness.

In a first of nine collections, Gnoce worked with ARTiSTORY and the Brititsh Library with the goal to share the timeless wisdom and artistry of alchemy with a wider audience. Taking inspiration from the "Splendor Solis" manuscript, Gnoce has successfully launched a collection in April that captivated and inspired its customers to travel to the mystical world of transformation and enlightenment.

British Library

The British Library, a renowned institution known for its vast collection of literary treasures, has played a vital role in this collaboration. As the custodian of the "Splendor Solis" manuscript, the British Library has provided invaluable expertise and access to the intricate illustrations and symbolism that define this alchemical masterpiece.


Seven Stages of the Alchemical Process

The "Splendor Solis" manuscript, dating back to 1582, is a renowned alchemical treatise that explores the art and philosophy of alchemy through 22 intricately decorated plates. Among the most captivating elements of this alchemical treatise are the seven flasks depicted throughout the manuscript.

These seven flasks, often referred to as the "Seven Stages of the Alchemical Process," represent the key steps in the quest to create the Philosopher's Stone — the legendary substance believed to possess the power to transform base metals into gold and grant immortality.

Each flask is associated with a specific stage of the alchemical process, and the imagery surrounding them is rich in symbolism:

  1. The Calcination Flask: This flask symbolizes the process of breaking down and purifying the raw materials, representing the first step in the alchemical journey.
  2. The Dissolution Flask: Here, the purified materials are dissolved, signifying the dissolution of the old to make way for the new.
  3. The Separation Flask: This stage involves the separation of the pure from the impure, a crucial step in refining the alchemical components.
  4. The Conjunction Flask: The coming together of the purified elements, representing the union of opposites and the creation of a new, more powerful substance.
  5. The Fermentation Flask: This stage is associated with the alchemical process of fermentation, where the newly combined elements are left to mature and transform.
  6. The Distillation Flask: The distillation process, where the essence is extracted and refined, is symbolized by this flask.
  7. The Coagulation Flask: The final stage, where the Philosopher's Stone is solidified and takes its final form, ready to be used for its incredible powers.
Gnoce x The British Library - Splendor Solis Alchemy-Inspired Jewelry Collection

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