FILA Transforms Classic Styles into Avant-Garde Clothing Series in Cobranding Collaboration with Centre Pompidou
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FILA x Centre Pompidou Avant-Garde Fashion Inspired by Classic Paintings
May 2024

To mark the 60th anniversary of cultural and artistic exchanges between China and France, the Centre Pompidou has partnered with FILA in a co-branding initiative orchestrated by ARTiSTORY. This collaboration merges contemporary avant-garde design with fashion trends to craft a distinctive blend of art and fashion.

FILA, a century-old brand, aimed to merge the essence of modern art with contemporary fashion. By incorporating paintings from the Centre Pompidou's collection into their clothing designs, FILA sought to create a dynamic blend of steel and softness through vibrant colors and bold lines.

Centre Pompidou

ARTiSTORY's existing partnership with the Centre Pompidou, a cultural and artistic hub, played a crucial role in this collaboration by providing access to its extensive collection of modern and contemporary art. As a renowned institution, the Centre Pompidou houses over 120,000 pieces of art, making it one of the richest collections in Europe.

This collaboration allowed FILA to draw inspiration from the museum's wide range of artworks, integrating these masterpieces into their fashion designs to create a unique blend of art and style.


Classic Pieces that Influence Modern Art

The collaboration featured artworks by renowned masters such as Robert Delaunay, Fernand Léger, and Wassily Kandinsky.

Delaunay's "La Tour Eiffel" and "Entrée du Hall des réseaux" are vivid Cubist works that explore abstract art through optical approaches. Léger's "The Papillons of the 19th Century" depicts modern life with bold primary colors and machine-like shapes. Kandinsky's abstract paintings convey spirit and emotion through points, lines, surfaces, and colors, profoundly influencing modern art.

Robert Delaunay, La Tour Eiffel, 1926
Robert Delaunay, Entrée du Hall des réseaux, 1937
Fernand Leger, The Papillons of the 19th Century, 1951
Wassily Kandinsky, Page of the painters of Nina Kandinsky, from 1923 to 1940

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