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Cariuma X ARTiSTORY: The Great Wave
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Cariuma Collaborates with ARTiSTORY | Art Licensing

In an era dominated by fast fashion and fleeting trends, Cariuma stands out as a brand rooted in sustainability, ethical practices, and quality production.

Following the resounding success of its Van Gogh-inspired sneaker collection, it decided to blend revered Japanese Ukiyo-e artist Hokusai’s timeless art with its best-selling, modern OCA Low, NAIOCA, and Slip On styles.

ARTiSTORY, a pioneer in global art licensing, has carved a strong niche in translating art into commercial products, making it an apt partner for this project. The global art and IP licensing agent orchestrated the collaboration, smoothly navigating the intricacies of IP licensing management, ensuring that artworks are represented authentically on commercial products.

Cariuma wanted to elevate its brand by associating with world-renowned, iconic artworks. This elevates Cariuma beyond a mere sneaker brand, establishing it as a harmonious amalgamation of art, culture, and fashion. The Hokusai sneaker collection is poised to captivate a diverse audience, drawing the attention of both art aficionados and culturally inclined customers.

Furthermore, given the profound popularity and pervasive presence of Hokusai’s work in pop culture, Cariuma’s adaptation necessitated a distinguished and gracefully seamless distinction. This was an undertaking for which ARTiSTORY, with its abundant experience, was adeptly equipped, enabling them to assist Cariuma in achieving this with genuine authenticity.


The Great Wave

ARTiSTORY dove deep into Hokusai's portfolio to understand the essence, themes, colors, techniques, and cultural significance behind each piece of art.

Throughout the process, Cariuma's team provided critical feedback, which was meticulously integrated to safeguard design feasibility and assure cohesive alignment with their established brand identity.

Storytelling was utilized to illuminate the narratives behind selected Hokusai artworks, interpreting their relevance and resonance with the contemporary world.

Beginning in September 2023, ARTiSTORY assisted Cariuma in orchestrating a staggered launch strategy, cultivating an aura of exclusivity and anticipation to further drive demand.

The Great Wave - Hokusai | ARTiSTORY

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