ANTI:DOTE Presents Cinderella-Inspired High Tea in Magical Collaboration
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ANTI:DOTE Fairmont × British Library Adventures in Storyland: Cinderella-Inpired High Tea
February 2024

Fairmont Singapore, in collaboration with ARTiSTORY and the British Library, presents "Adventures in Storyland," a thematic high tea experience inspired by the timeless tale of Cinderella. This unique culinary event combines enchanting literature with exquisite gastronomy concepts, offering guests a magical journey through storytelling and food.

Fairmont Singapore aimed to create an immersive and whimsical high tea experience for its guests. By drawing inspiration from the classic story of Cinderella, the hotel seeks to blend elegant culinary creations with beloved literary themes, enhancing the overall dining experience and attracting a diverse audience.

British Library

The British Library played a crucial role in this collaboration by providing access to its rich collection of literary works.

As the national library of the UK, the British Library strives to make its intellectual heritage accessible to everyone. Through this partnership, the library brought the enchanting story of Cinderella to life, reaching new audiences and inspiring creativity.


The Little Glass Slipper

The high tea experience is inspired by Charles Seddon Evans' 1919 iteration of "The Little Glass Slipper," a full-length children's novel based on the original French tale.

Illustrated by the renowned artist Arthur Rackham, known for his captivating silhouette drawings, this retold narrative is enriched with over 40 illustrations, making it a cherished piece in the British Library's collection.

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