Levi's Launches Indigo Silk Road Collection: A Fusion of Ancient Art and Modern Fashion
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Levi's × Dunhuang Inspiration Indigo Silk Road: Art-Inspired Denim Collection
July 2023

The "Indigo Silk Road" collection is a unique collaboration between Levi's and Dunhuang Cultural Relics. This limited-edition series blends the ancient art of Dunhuang with Levi's iconic denim fashion.

In this collaboration, Levi's aimed to celebrate cultural exchange and historical significance while keeping their iconic modern flair. By incorporating elements of Dunhuang art into their denim designs, Levi's seeks to create a fusion of history and modern style that appeals to contemporary fashion enthusiasts.

Dunhuang Inspiration

Dunhuang Cultural Relics, known for the vibrant murals of the Mogao Caves, plays a crucial role in this project. Their rich heritage and artistic legacy provide the inspiration and aesthetic foundation for the collection, ensuring that the ancient art is authentically represented and celebrated.


Dunhuang's Mogao Caves

The primary artworks used in this collaboration are the murals from the Mogao Caves, famous for their colorful and intricate designs. These murals, which depict scenes from the Silk Road and feature flying apsaras, are masterpieces of Eastern classical art. The artists behind these works remain anonymous, but their contributions have left a lasting impact on cultural history.

Indigo Silk Road Art-Inspired Denim from Levi's x Dunhuang | ARTiSTORY

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